Media and Science

A few days ago, one of very famous Korean surgeons, Dr. Kim,  invited 5 other surgeons, who are living in the countries, to the on-line video web chatting to show them a new cancer surgery instruction. On the monitor, he was actually in the middle of the surgery and sometimes he looked at the camera and explained how he does the incision and the removal of a tumour. For the 4 hours of surgery, the invited doctors were taking a note and asking some questions to Dr. Kim as what they used to do when they were medical students. In the interview with the medical magazine, Dr. Kim says the reason that he teaches new skill for the surgery to other doctors is to provide better service and convenient to the patients. What does it mean by that is, because the patients expects the medical service and skill in the city is much better than in countryside. Because most of patients would like to go to the hospital in the cities and these patients’ expectations have caused the bad service caused by lack of staff and the hospital in the countrysides has got economic difficulties. In order to solve this inequality and these problems, Dr. Kim had determined to teach his knowledge and skill to other doctors in the countries.  In this point, the knowledge through the web is not the commodity that someone has to pay for it, but this is pure medical science that pays back to people who have contribute for the development of it. The media will be the most important part of development of science if the scientists consider it as the knowledge has to be transacted.


Internet of Things



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